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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Aboorva Raagangal

Aboorva ragangal is a stud drama storywise... and KB has taken the movie to a whole new level with his extraordinary direction.

Highly recommended (Please don't read review before watching the movie)

Trivia: One of the characters in the movie asks the following riddle/kelvi

ennudaya appa
yaarukku maamanaro
avarudaiya marumagalin appa
en maganukku maamanar
appo, avangalukkum ennakkum enna uravu?

1 mark trivial question:
what's the easy answer to the kelvi?

Answer next question after watching movie:

1 mark extra credit question:
who plays the role of kelviyin nayagan/nayagi in the movie?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Metaphorical diplomacy

From 'Yaaro Yaaro':

Kaadhal kondu pesumpothu,
Chennai tamizhum sennthaen thaan.

A tamizh poet never lets down tamizh?!!!

On the other hand,

Aasai vellam paayumpothu,
Vangakkadalum vaaykaal thaan!

Bay of Bengal paavam... no one to defend!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Choose one

Advocating Schopenhauer philosophy
Advocating 'shop-an-hour' philosophy...

Tuesday, March 09, 2010



There's metre iambic
and metre trochaic
and metre that's tender in tone.


Friday, July 31, 2009


The thought just won't get out of my head, and my procrastinating attitude is surprisingly weak today. Many apologies for breaking the silence. Now then let's get started...

The concept of the Desi boyfriend/girlfriend relationship is different from the American boyfriend/girlfriend relationship - the most important difference being that desi pairs don't live together before they marry. Normally this is supposed to imply that desi pairs don't have sex before they get married. Of course, I found out that this is not necessarily true. I should mention that it took me a few years to finally adapt to this reality setting where desi gf/bf couples could possibly have sex before they got engaged...

Getting all that background stuff out of the way, let me tell you what happened today that made me write this entry. In a late evening conversation, my desi friend casually slipped up that he had sex with his desi girl friend after he broke up with her. So what? Well, the problem is that I'm not able to digest this one easily...

What in hell does sex-after-break-up mean for the desi girl? She knows she's not going to live with the guy for sure... right? Does the act mean anything now? Isn't this cheating? Or is it supposed to be a really lame attempt to win back the loved one, something fueled by jealousy, longing etc.? Giving no further room to stupidly debate on the interpretation, my take is that the act reflects poorly on one's character. I just lost a lot of respect for that girl today. And I feel tremendously let down by this portrayal of the supposedly super conservative south indian girl. Deep within I'm shattered... a bit of exaggeration, but honestly, not a lot. Contrastingly, my respect for my friend hasn't suffered so much of a damage. And I'd probably not make such a big deal out of the whole issue if the girl wasn't desi or south indian in the first place.

Oh, so why such a sexist stand? Isn't the guy equally to blame? Really good question. Implicit in the above argument against the girl, is the portrayal that guys are just immoral sex machines. Not in favor of belaboring the obvious, I'll just say that that's how they are portrayed these days anyways. No surprises there really. Really. ...Really!! ...Really??! (Arghhh... Alright now I'm kind of hating the guy too!) Maybe the whole point of this entry is to rant about how much I am offended coz someone proved to me today that the conservative portrayal of the south indian girl might just be a bullshit thing to believe in, today. Just like how a Muslim bro would feel when you tell him that Allah doesn't exist or how Lipton would react when someone claims that P=NP. Well, some footnoting here: I was just imagining what I'd have done if I was in my friend's position. The first thought that occurred to me was funny. I guess I'd just laugh it off when the topic of sex comes by! (The girl would probably think I'd turned the gay way!) With an ex-girlfriend, I guess I couldn't possibly be in a horny mood - coz it's over... right? Sex without meaning essentially amounts to treating her like a slut. Now, of course, someone who was good enough to be my ex-gf wouldn't lower herself so much. But seriously, I do wish I was being hypocritical while writing the last few sentences. Maybe I am just heavily footed in rationality these days - a general reason why I suck.

Anyways to find out the reason behind the sexist attitude, one has to take the Freudian route here -- Flashback Spirals to early childhood.

Long ago when I was a kid I heard the Ramayana. Such epics are taught in schools coz they are effective tools to instill a basic sense of good and evil when one's young. Of course it was influential.. no doubt. One major episode in the epic is when Rama doubts Sita's chastity after she returns from Lanka. It was like the stupidest thing that Rama ever did in the entire epic! For a long time, I was very mad at Rama for doubting Sita. Sita was an important figure in my life. She was a concept. She's the symbol that stands for the incorruptible Indian woman. Today I'm left wondering whether she's just a mythical concept... Maybe she is.

I know I'm wrong. Just a few bad apples here and there... This one's rotten enough to spoil my day.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Horny People

US is not conservative. And going to restaurants at night alone can be quite depressing or funny depending on your mood.

I went to Noodles&Co today near the school. Most of the school kids turn up in pairs and they're way too horny... even for the word horny to be applicable!

So there was this girl with her boy friend (at least a foot taller than her). They were waiting in the queue, while I was waiting at my table for my super delicious Indonesian Peanut Saute with Tofu to arrive... =P~

So the guy as usual can't afford to let his girl stray far away from him, so he has to wrap his arms around her from behind her. Yeah, that's the impression I get. (This phenomenon has also been noted independently elsewhere by this gentleman who raises an interesting question.)

The girl isn't very innocent either. She raises up on her heels... and starts mildly rocking back and forth. She also kind of starts rhythmically grinding on him. Dude is like stooping over and I was almost wishing they kissed now... but they probably noticed my personality appeal at the wrong time! Unfortunately my meal arrived and they didn't quite get all the attention they deserved from me... but from the very few glances around (that my meal allowed me to take), the grinding was far from over...

Myth: Chipotle food makes people horny.
Myth probably busted or inapplicable or matched by Noodles&Co. Data insufficient.

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Release to TG

TG = Tam_Gumbal -- one collection of super jobless fellows like me :)

Anyways now onwards this blog will be more elaborate and will focus more on readability. But in the spirit of irrationality we chose to retain the older entries for readers to trip and immerse in realizing the ununderstability of raw thoughts from a person like them.

As usual, we'll focus on issues that are not given enough importance. :))

I plan to release the blog to other friends as well... which implies I want to blog more often. May God make trivial issues important enough to be bloggable :))

Also comments will be heavily moderated.. :P Which means you'll see my tireless efforts to keep this blog clean. With your help, I can end up with some fundaes on such things :))

Friday, July 17, 2009

Creating another religion?

The prophet thought to himself... "Would that be prophetable?"