Saturday, November 06, 2010

Aboorva Raagangal

Aboorva ragangal is a stud drama storywise... and KB has taken the movie to a whole new level with his extraordinary direction.

Highly recommended (Please don't read review before watching the movie)

Trivia: One of the characters in the movie asks the following riddle/kelvi

ennudaya appa
yaarukku maamanaro
avarudaiya marumagalin appa
en maganukku maamanar
appo, avangalukkum ennakkum enna uravu?

1 mark trivial question:
what's the easy answer to the kelvi?

Answer next question after watching movie:

1 mark extra credit question:
who plays the role of kelviyin nayagan/nayagi in the movie?


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